The FLS Family

students of the school

At Faribault Lutheran School all children, parents, and staff are part of our family. As you walk through the halls of our school, it is evident that each of us truly care for and enjoy one another!

Students of all ages interact on a regular basis. On Wednesdays, our chapel families gather in the Trinity sanctuary, to give praise to God for all he has done for us. “Chapel families” consist of children in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade, with the older grade children serving as the leaders of the family.  Chapel families also participate in school projects together throughout the year.

One advantage of having such a close knit group is that every teacher at FLS has an opportunity interact with every child, no matter the grade. It’s not uncommon for teachers to know the names of every child in the building, and they look for opportunities to personally get to know each child.

Parents and siblings of our students are a very important part of the FLS family. There are several events scheduled throughout the year to encourage fellowship among faculty, students, and other families. These activities include the “Souper Bowl” soup competition, FLS Christmas Extravaganza and the Spring Carnival.