8th Grade

During your child’s eighth grade year, your child will experience:

Spiritual Development
•Emphasis on applying Christian faith in daily life
•Examining Lutheran teachings and morals and values set out in the Bible
•Planning and leading chapel services and classroom devotions
•Leading and facilitating of devotions in other classrooms
•Christian life application through service projects in the community
•Attending weekly chapel services

Academic Development
•Pre-algebra and Algebra and more advanced problem solving
•U.S. History
•Literary study through short stories and novels
•Persuasive topic research, organization, documentation, writing and oral presentation
•Essay writing on various topics
•Earth Science
•Technology integration into curricular areas

Social Development
•Team Building Activities
•Chapel family leaders
•Interactions with first grade partners
•Friday Fitness leaders
•Organization and implementation of service projects for the entire school

Physical Development
•Improvement in strength, endurance and agility training
•Developing skills for team sports
•Preparation for lifelong physical health and fitness opportunities

Unique Opportunities
•Fall Retreat for team building and values clarification
•Leadership of school activities
•High school academic preparation
•Academic Fitness Awards
•One to one technical device use
•Live theatre experiences
•Upper grade drama presentation
•Graduation worship service and celebration
•Class trip

Parental Partnership Opportunities
•Beginning of school parent meeting
•Communication of student successes and areas for improvement
•Planning for high school classes
•High school recommendations for math and English
•Parent committees for class trip and graduation