3rd Grade

During your child’s third grade year, your child will experience:

Spiritual Development
•Daily devotions and Bible study
•Weekly chapel services
•Chapel family groups
•Leading prayers
•Practicing forgiveness
•Witnessing opportunities

Academic Development
•Spelling word families and non-phonetic words
•Practice with nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives
•Memorization of multiplication/division facts
•Experiential learning in science
•Introduction to five areas of social studies

Social Development
•Chapel Family projects and service learning
•Cooperative learning
•Practice in accepting responsibility for actions
•Rocket Math and Reading partners

Physical Development
•PE classes
•Friday Fitness
•Cursive handwriting (fine motor)

Unique Opportunities
•Ecosystem dioramas
•Free-Enterprise activity
•Theatre performances
•Year-end field trips
•Adventures to River Bend Nature Center

Parental Partnership Opportunities
•Weekly communication through Friday Forecast
•Midterm and quarterly progress reports
•Chaperones for field trips and class activities
•Communication through FastDirect