Parent Teacher League Minutes from 9/10/12

FLS Parent Teacher League Minutes

Monday, September 10, 2012

  • The PTL Meeting was held at 6 pm at the Peace Lutheran Church fellowship room.
    • Attendees:  Robin Kuball,  Jennifer Stephes, DeAnn LaCanne, Sandra Lee, Amy Gehrke, Angela Ubl, Billie Jo Weeg, and Jen Gramse.
  • Minutes:
    • Stacy Chmelik was unable to attend and therefore, minutes were not available from the May meeting.
    • Jennifer Stephes took will take minutes at this meeting and will post on the bulletin board at FLS and will email via Fast Direct.
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • Jen Gramse attended, but did not have enough notice to pull together a statement of the current PTL balance.  She will email Jennifer Stephes with the balance by the end of the week.
  • Communication (FLS website/Fast Direct/Roar/FaceBook):
    • Jennifer reported that FLS can now be found on FaceBook.  It is a page you can “Like” as an additional means of getting info and updates on FLS.  Ellen Haefner has graciously agreed to act as Administrator for FLS on FB.
    • Mr. Witt has stated we could post information any time using the Roar or Fast Direct.  He offered to assist in posting group emails or other communication as the “select all” option was only available to FLS administrator and staff, not parents or students.
    • The FLS Website needs to be updated.  It will be another great way to get information once it has been updated and fixed.
    • All PTL forms are updated and can be downloaded and printed from the FLS website.
  • Requests for PTL funds:
    • Jennifer Stephes asked for funds to purchase meat (burgers and hotdogs, along with buns, napkins, and utensils) for the FLS Fall Potluck Picnic next Monday, September 17, 2012.  There was left over funds on HyVee gift cards/Scrip that Jen Gramse would get to Jennifer for purchasing what was needed for the picnic.
    • Robin Kuball has requested PTL’s help with “Mad Science” which is a science based program for youth which is designed to get kids excited about science!  Jen Gramse thought it was a wonderful idea, as did the others present, and recommended that we check with Mr. Witt and the Board to see if FLS plans to take on some of the expenses PTL has assisted with in the past to free up funds for Mad Science.  Mrs. Kuball will submit estimates on what the program would cost.
  • Committee Reports:  Chili Jam(DeAnn LaCanne, Lacie Grevious, and Kaylin Vinar are Co-Chairs):
    • The date for Chili Jam has not been officially set.  DeAnn would discuss with her committee and get back to Jennifer Stephes with a date once they have talked to Mr. Witt to be sure the FLS gym was available and that sporting events would not conflict with any date selected.  Last year the Chili Jam was held the first Friday in November.
    • Jennifer Stephes said she had talked to the owners of the Sweet Spot and they had said they would be willing to set up and sell their icecream at the Chili Jam.  It might be a fun and tasty option to pair with chili versus having volunteers bring desserts.
  • Old Business:
    • Discussed only holding 2 big PTL sponsored events per year:
      • Chili Feed (November)
      • Spring Carnival (May)
    • This would be to increase attendance and concentrate on pulling sponsorships and man-hours into making these 2 events successful in raising funds for FLS.
  •   New Business:
    • Jennifer Stephes provided Angela Ubl the Dining Out Event info and contacts that Lisa Bauer had organized from 2 years ago.  Angela and Sandra Lee volunteered to work on scheduling 3 “Dining Out” events for FLS families.  The 3 that raised the most funds 2 years ago were:  GodFathers, Basilleo’s, and Boston’s.  Sandra works at HyVee and was also going to talk to them about a dining out fundraiser using their Deli.  Kim Midland had talked to them earlier in the year and they seemed more than willing to work with PTL on an event.
    • “Give to the Max” was a fundraising option that Mr. Witt had come across last fall around the time of the Marathon.  It was an online event where people could use a link to donate funds towards their school (or other organization) and the funds were matched.  This might be a great way to raise funds versus asking for donations for the marathon.  Jennifer said she would talk to Mr. Witt about it and see if that is an option for this fall.
  • The meeting was adjourned. 

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