Give to the Max Day!

November 13th, 2012

FLS has obtained $2,500 in matching funds for this event! That means that the first $2,500 we raise will turn into $5,000. It’s not too late to build on this fund even more; I would love to have more matching funds available. If you know of an individual on business that would like to make a larger donation, ask if they would consider donating to help build the matching fund or sponsor a matching grant. Nothing encourages people to donate more than knowing that their $25 or $50 donation will become $50 or $100. A matching fund of $5,000 or more would be a real blessing!

Don’t forget that the PTL has decided that they will be give a free Chili Jam ticket to anyone who presents a receipt showing that they donated $20 or more during GIVE TO THE MAX DAY 2012!
If you have any questions regarding GIVE TO THE MAX, please contact me (

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