6th Grade : Mrs. Reiser

Sixth Graders Rock!

6th  grade room



Sixth grade is an exciting time at
Faribault Lutheran School!

  • We dig deep into the world of Science as we learn to explore living things using the Scientific Method.
  • The study of Geography takes us around the globe as we explore the land and the cultures that make up the wonderful world we live in.
  • Math takes us deeper into the world of algebra and continues to allow us to fine tune our computation skills.
  • Our 6th grade course in Literature exposes us to the many different forms of prose-fiction, non-fiction, essays, biography, informational articles- to allow us the opportunity to improve our skills in the areas of comprehension, analysis and critical thinking.
  • English provides us with opportunities to become better writers through coursework in grammar and writing assignments.
  • Computer, PE, Art and Music are also a part of the 6th Grade curriculum.

Our goals are achieved through different avenues of exploration including field trips, group and individual projects, writing assignments, oral presentations and experimentation.

 At Faribault Lutheran School, sixth graders begin their middle school experience in an environment that promotes individual achievements and team building in a nurturing environment.  Come and join us!


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