4th & 5th Grade: Mrs. Kitzman

4th & 5th grade, 2012-2013

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Within our 5th Grade Classroom, your child can expect to:

  • grow spiritually, emotionally , socially, and academically.
  • learn in a safe, comfortable and enthusiastic environment
  • use groups to enhance our ablitlity to discuss with and learn from/with others
  • participate in field trips including the Big Island Rendezvous, a theater performance and a trip to the State Capital.
  • develop a greater understanding of United States history through the American Revolution.
  • participate in standard academic subjects including math, english, science, health, music, physical education and art.
  • participate in spiritual development through studying God’s Word and learning how to apply it to our daily living.

As a 5th grade parent, you can expect:

    • open communication at all times
    • to receive mid-term and quarterly progress reports.
    • weekly updated of happenings in you child’s classroom.
    • an increasing amount of independence from your 5th grader.

Mrs. Kitzman’s SmartBoard!