5th & 6th Grade: Mrs. Kitzman

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Within our 5th Grade Classroom, your child can expect to:

  • grow spiritually, emotionally , socially, and academically.
  • learn in a safe, comfortable and enthusiastic environment
  • use groups to enhance our ablitlity to discuss with and learn from/with others
  • participate in field trips including the Big Island Rendezvous, a theater performance and a trip to the State Capital.
  • develop a greater understanding of United States history through the American Revolution.
  • participate in standard academic subjects including math, english, science, health, music, physical education and art.
  • participate in spiritual development through studying God’s Word and learning how to apply it to our daily living.

As a 5th grade parent, you can expect:

    • open communication at all times
    • to receive mid-term and quarterly progress reports.
    • weekly updated of happenings in you child’s classroom.
    • an increasing amount of independence from your 5th grader.

6th Graders Rock!

Welcome to 6th Grade at Faribault Lutheran School!  Sixth grade is a year packed with new learning experiences and challenging curriculum!

  • The study of Minnesota History explores all of the interesting facts and details that lead to the creation of our great state.
  • Science contains a broad spectrum of subject areas including life science, earth science and physical science.
  • In math, we continue expanding our problem solving and computation skills, as we focus extensively in the areas of percent, decimals, fractions and geometry.
  • Language contains the subjects of Spelling, English and Reading, where we use literature and composition to expand our skills.
  • Computer,  PE,  Music and Art are also a part of the sixth grade curriculum.

Our goals are achieved through different avenues of exploration including field trips, group and individual projects, writing assignments, oral presentations and experimentation.

At Faribault Lutheran School, sixth graders begin their middle school experience in an environment that promotes individual achievements and team building in a nurturing environment.  Come and join us!!!

Mrs. Kitzman’s SmartBoard!