1st Grade: Mrs. Jarocki

Welcome to Mrs. Jarocki’s 1st Grade class!

What will your 1st Grader be doing this year???

Phonics: Each day, your child will have a phonics sheet to complete at home. This sheet will be a review of what they learned that day and also review from prior lessons. We will do the front side together in class and the back is the homework side.

Math: Everyday, we will have a new math lesson.  The lesson will work on old and new concepts taught.  Each day a math sheet will be done together in class and the back side is homework. (Similar to Phonics)

Spelling: Every week, new spelling words will be given to your child. This will be a list of words correlating with the phonics lessons we have worked on. We will practice spelling words during the week at school and will test every Friday.  Throughout the school year, the word list gets longer and then sentences get added as well.

Rocket Math: This year we start working on Math facts using Rocket Math.  Every day, students will be tested on their math addition facts. We practice with partners first, then take a 1 minute quiz on how fast they can answer each problem. They will have a rocket math folder (left at school) that will track their progress.

Accelerated Reading: Your child will start using AR reading this year. This is an online reading assessment to guide your child into the correct level books for them.  They will read a book twice, and then be able to take a test on it. This test is 5 questions long and lets me know if they understood the book or not. If they complete the test, they will get a reward at the end of the week.

Religion: Each day, we will take time to work in our religion books. We will be reading stories, acting stories out, and talking about the life and times of Jesus. We will also be doing activities to go along with each story.  We will continue to have chapel on Wednesdays.

Science: We will be studying about many different fun things in science. We will cover everything from plants and animals, space, rocks, penguins, weather and magnets. Hopefully many of these lessons will be hands on and fun for them!

Social Studies: In 1st grade, we work on MN History. Every week, we will cover a letter of the alphabet that is about Minnesota. They will then have a sheet to color or an activity to go along with the letter. They will keep each sheet in a folder at school until we have finished the alphabet.

Fun Friday: As part of a reward system in 1st grade, we will be having fun Fridays.  A student can participate in this if they have completed their AR reading for the week (which to start is 1 book/week), and behaviorally have been acceptable throughout the week. This reward can be anything from art projects, to movies, to free play.

8th Grade Partners: This is a partner reading program set up for the older kids to come down and read/work with younger students. They will mostly be reading aloud to their partner, but sometimes they will participate in our fun Friday as well.


  • I will try my best not to give your child homework on Fridays.
  • Please try to bring a healthy snack for break every day.  I may have extra snacks available but I cannot guarantee there will be any. They will be having water this year and not milk. If they want to use their own water bottle, that is fine with me.
  • Every day there is a new student helper. This student will be our class leader for the day. They also are allowed to bring in a show and tell item for at the end of the day to share with the class. This should be a small item that can easily fit inside their backpack. It will go home that same day.
  • Each day they will have a take home folder to put their homework in and any notes home. This is where to find information sent home. It needs to come back to school every day.
  • If you need to change your daily pick up, there will be a sheet stapled in their take home folder to write me a quick note about the change and then sign it. This will make sure a note gets to me.
  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to stop into the classroom for a chat. I am usually here before and after school. You can always email me a jjarocki@flsweb.org or email me on fast direct!!


Discipline Policy for our 1st Grade Classroom–Cruising in our Classroom Contract

**We are God’s children, empowered by the Holy Spirit to reflect the love of Christ.  We will strive with God’s help, to live by the following values:

honesty                                 kindness                    friendship                              forgiveness         patience                               responsibility            courage                               self-control               respect                                  faith                            love                                        fairness

**We agree to live by and support the following rules in school:

  1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  3. Respect others as well as ourselves. Be kind with your words and actions.
  4. Work quietly.
  5. Respect school and personal property.

**We also understand if a student chooses not to follow the rules, the following consequences will occur:

My discipline plan includes a 3 strike policy, with a stoplight as a visual for the students. There are the three colors; green, yellow, and red. Everyone starts on the Green, but when a child disrupts the class or a problem occurs:

1. A verbal reminder is given to correct the situation (their warning).  They will go up and move their car to Yellow light.

                  **If the problem continues…..

2.  They will be given a 5 minute time out at recess or current activity. They will go up and move their car to the Red light.

**If the problem continues…….

3.  They will be given a 10 minute time out at recess or current activity.   The student will move their car to the black box.

**If the problem still continues……..

4. They will miss the entire recess or current activity.  Parents will be notified with a letter home.  This allows parents, teachers, and students to know what is going on.

**Any situations that can’t be resolved in the classroom will be sent to the principal.

Student’s Signature: ________________________________________

Parent’s Signature: _________________________________________

Teacher’s Signature: __________________________________


Our SmartBoard! 

1st Grade SmartBoard