If you’ve driven by, or stopped by FLS this summer, you are bound to notice that there are some major changes happening within the school!  These changes include:

  • Freshly painted walls and ceiling in the gym
  • Freshly plastered and painted classroom walls & shelving
  • A new roof on the entire school building
  • Pin-tucking of the mortar on the upper grade classroom building
  • The Kindergarten classroom and After school care rooms have swapped spaces.  Tile floors are much more conducive for play dough and clean up that happen in Kindergarten!
  • A new Hot water heating system and piping for the entire school (No tears were shed when the old boiler was disassembled and left the building!)
  • All windows and floors are being polished.
  • And last but certainly not least – electronic thermostats in each classroom and public area (even the bathrooms) to allow individualized temperature control throughout the school year!

All of these projects will be completed, or very near completion, by the time school resumes on Sept 6th, but the effects of the projects will be enjoyed for many years to come.  FLS would like to thank the Trinity congregation for their very generous expenditure of funds, along with the countless volunteers who have helped make the updates to our school.

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